Money – the thing that runs this world, your lives and everything else. The thing about money is that it’s hard to earn but easier to spend. It goes away in thrice the speed. This is the reason we need money management in our lives. With Expense Manager you can track your each and every expense and you need to track it efficiently. From your apartment rent to that cup of coffee you drank on the way home – track it all. This is the only solution to reduce your expense. But it’s not convenient to note it down on a notebook every time you use a penny. To overcome this, we use a device that has become a part of our lives – our smartphone. In this article I am going to talk about a money management app that looks good and is convenient enough to use.

Expense Manager: An Android App

Expense Manager is small but extremely useful app is developed my Markus Hintersteineris. This app is simple enough with required features to get you going. The first thing you need to do before starting to track your expenses is change the currency if you’re no in the US. You can do this by going to the settings of the app and changing the currency to suit your needs.expensemanager1

Start Tracking Expenses:
To get going, tap the “+” icon atop the menu bar and add the amount in the popup window. Tap OK and you’ll be prompted a new window where you can and more info. You can assign a category that’ll suit the nature of your expense. Add a description about the expense and tap the Save button. The categories you added will show up on the main screen.expensemanager2

For The Lazy:
Sometimes we may be lazy to add each and every expense for the day. No worries. Here’s a trick to input expense when you’re lazy. But first make sure you’ve enabled daily remainder from the Settings.expensemanager3 After you have setup the reminder tap Add Expense button from the notification and enter an approximate value that you think you spend in a day. Press Ok button and tap Save. Doing this will not divide your expenses into category and will show up as Other category.expensemanager4

Pro Features:
Though Expense Manager is a free app, but its paid upgrade will even let you track your income. This feature would particularly benefit a freelancer or anyone who feels the importance of matching expenses with income. This in-app purchase will unlock this functionality and will also map you income and expense on charts and graphs.

Manage your money today and you can do a lot tomorrow – this is what this free app is for. Expense Manager is not the most feature rich money management app or expense tracker out there like most of the work should be done manually but for a free app, it’s got a lot of caliber. So some day when you’re looking at you bank balance you can figure out what exactly went wrong.



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