tunewiki2Only a week back, I wrote a post called “other social apps you should try”. In that list, I mentioned my favorite music sharing app called TuneWiki which is available for both iOS and Android. Now, TuneWiki has shocked everyone by announcing that they are removing this app from the Google store on June 28. I am a music fanatic and a frequent user of this app. Like me, there are hundreds of people who spend a lot of their time sharing music and making friends on TuneWiki. I am sure they are deeply saddened by this news.

Tunewiki has already surpassed ten million downloads and has a growing fan following. The app is available in both free and paid version. However, the paid version has been downloaded only about 10,000 times. CEO Larry G has explained the reasons for the app’s shutdown in detail in his comments to Tunewiki fans in the app itself. He specified that the app was unable to generate enough revenue through ads to give it continuity. Meanwhile, TuneWiki users are still sharing music and lyricsart as usual, maybe with the hope that TuneWiki will take back its decision.

Larry G used a lyricsart of a Tom Petty song to announce the app’s departure after 5 years and then gave its loyal users a big thanks for support. However, TuneWiki developers, in good faith, have announced that they will recommend apps with similar functionality as TuneWiki in the coming days. Still, moving to another app and making group of friends who have similar taste in music is a lot of work.

bye-bye Tunewiki


UPDATE: TuneWiki decided to continue operation. YAY!


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