Social media like Facebook, Twiiter, Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube have become a part of our daily routine.  While we are busy with those few apps, we are missing out on some great “other” social networking apps. Today, we are recommending you try out these cool apps:


tunewiki pro tunewiki proTunewiki is a social networking music player app which unites music lovers all over the world. The app allows you to connect with people of similar taste in music, share your favorite songs and lyrics, see what songs your friends are playing currently and also the list of their top songs, read artist info, identify songs, view lyrics and buy songs that your friends recommend or of your own choice. To summarize, this app will help you become part of a closely knit community of people of similar taste in music. Furthermore, its a platform to discover some great music. It is a highly recommended app if you eat, breath and speak music.


picsart   picsartThis is an image sharing app similar to Instagram. However, unlike Instagram, PicsArt’s Home page dashboard shows options such as Effect, Collage, loading Photo, Drawing on the photo and more. The user interface of Pics Art is very smooth you can swipe left or right to go to different pages such as My Network, Interesting, Latest and Pics Arts Artists. In the My Network page you will see the images uploaded by people you’ve added to your network. In the Interesting section, you will see random images uploaded by PicsArt users. The “Latest Uploads” show the latest pictures from users and in the “Artist page” you will see artworks of professional artists who use PicsArts.

In terms of functionality PicsArt is above Instagram. It offers wider range of effects such as image filters, color corrections, color splash, collage and drawing on image. You can also download PicsArtGoo, Kaleidoscope and PicsArt for Kids which are separate add-on apps available at the Google store. Though PicsArt has small number of user compared to Instagram, you can discover some great work there and you can even save them.


memedroid-3memedroid-2Internet memes are popular means of expression nowadays and using pictures and cartoons, thousands of memes have flooded
the social media depicting all possible scenarios in various categories. Memedroid makes is easy for us to share our meme creations to the world via popular social media and through the Memedroid community. Your memes will be voted by other Memedroid members and if it fares well, it will be featured among the list of best memes. There is also a meme factory in the app from where you can download templates and add texts to them. Also, you can view and save the funniest memes from the app’s gallery.


other social networking apps Vine vineYes,Vine has finally made it to Android though not completely as good as the iphone version but its getting there. Through Vines you can create short interesting looping videos that last for few seconds and tag and share them.  Just let your imagination and creativity flow. You will also be able to view a lot of cool, interesting and funny vine uploads from other users. All in all, a great time pass app.


thumb-app thumbThis is a very addictive app based on a simple concept. In Thumb, you simply ask questions on different categories such as Fashion, Movies, Gadgets or Places. Your queries will be instantly answered by hundreds of other Thumb users who give you a thumb up or thumb down. Answering questions on thumb up can also get addictive. You simply answer questions and automatically another question pops up. If the person asking the question likes your answer he/she gives you a star. The more star you have the more popular you get.



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