Google play error 101Android, despite its several advantages (which are of no need to mention here), has some flaws too. The bugs- mainly error codes which appear during the installation, or merely the download process from the Play Store are one of them. There are several error codes which appear in the Google Play Store, and we have posted the solution of most of them previously. Google Play Error 101 is also one of them- though it is older than my grandfather, it does not seem to have solved by the Google yet. The phones getting this error are mostly older versions (that were released some years before, or have android version of 4.0 or less). The symptom of this 101 error is that when you try to download any apps like facebook, viber, whatsapp, flipboard, skype from Google Play Store, there comes a pop-up making us know that the download has been cancelled, and shows ‘App could not be downloaded due to an error. (-101).

Though this is quite annoying for us, this can be solved easily, and the solution process of this is similar to that of other error codes. If you are suffering from this error 101 in the Google Play Store app of your Android device, you can try the following methods to solve the error 101:

Method 1:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Application > Manage Applications> Play Store.
  2. Therein, you can see the Clear Cache, and Clear Data options. Click on both of them respectively.
  3. Head back to the home, and reboot your phone.

Try downloading or updating apps from google play store. The error 101 problem has most probably been solved by now, but in case the error still occurs while downloading, for the final process you will be required to remove your Google account and add it again.

Method 2:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Accounts & Sync
  2. Select Google account > Click menu >> Select Remove Google
  3. Add your Google account again.

Now try downloading the app from the play store. The error 101 has been most probably solved by now.

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  1. Hello, I tried your first method, then rebooted my phone.
    But now every time I get on Google Play Store, it won’t connect to the Wifi…

  2. thanks for this helpful information
    i tryed the secons one but a phone mesaage says the accont is using by some apps and i should consider factory reset and most of my important things will remove. what should i do in this case?

  3. everything seems ok. i can brows over internet. web content (images etc…) loading easily but the phone just doesn’t want to let me download anything that requires the “download” app


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