Android devices are mostly delicate. The front part is mostly covered by a touchscreen display,which is of several types. Some have the protection such as Corning Gorilla Glass, Sapphire Crystal Glass etc., but these are limited to some flagship edition of large smartphone vendors only. Most of the budget phones or mid-range devices lack those protection, and are prone to the dangers such as scratch,splash and break easily. The flagships which have expensive protections in their displays also are not that much strong- in some cases, they break easily too. This is so much annoying for us that our favorite Android smartphone or tablet,which we have bought with our hard-earned money, goes useless from a small carelessness too. There are nowadays several rugged android devices made for rough users, but are not affordable by everyone, and are so ugly too. Hence, for the normal users, to protect Android touchscreen is very important, as you won’t want your touchscreen to get scratches or breaks the very next day you buy it.

To handle with care is always the best way to protect your Android smartphone. Here are some tips on how to protect Android touchscreen:

protect android touchscreen

  1. Always tap on the screen gently. Usually the Android device’s touchscreen is well responsive, and it doesn’t need to be tapped hard. Do not tap it hard, or bang it even if it is being laggy since this will not help in any condition. You can use the Stylus if you’ve been provided, and you can treat with it the same way.
  2. Apply the screen protector as soon as you buy it. It will protect your touchscreen from all the scratches, by getting them itself. This will not affect your touch response at any case, but you will be required to select a good one, which can be replaced easily when wanted.
  3. Buy a flip cover, or a hard cover for your Android device. This will for sure protect your phone from many dangers, and does not cost that much. The covers are so useful when you drop your device, or tackle them somewhere. Their work is also to get most of the suffer themselves- alike the screen cover.
  4. Do not put your smartphone’s touchscreen in exposure to direct sunlight for a long time, especially when it is intensive. This can damage the quality of the display, especially the LCD displays, but can affect to all types of displays, the Super AMOLED, IPS or anything.
  5. Clean your phone always with a soft microfiber cloth. You can buy it at a small price. It is even available with most of us, as it comes free with many things- such as screen protector or sunglasses. Apply very little moisture if required, and wipe your display using it. Hard clothes may cause scratches, and excessive moisture may freeze your smartphone.


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