So you bought a new phone and switched it on for the first time, and each time you touch the screen you get an annoying touch sound. Out of the box, Android makes a sound for almost everything you do. It’s like the device doesn’t like you touching it. These sounds might drive you crazy, but hopefully, there is a way to disable these dumb, annoying sounds if you didn’t know that already. Here’s how to disable touch sound in Android.

How to disable touch sound in Android

Step 1: Go to your device’s Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down till you find Sound. Tap on it.

Step 3: Now, scroll down till you see Other sounds and vibrations option. You’ll see a list of options and toggles beside them.

Step 4: There, you can enable or disable the sound you want and do not want to hear. Disable the Dial pad tones, Screen locking sounds, and Touch sounds.disable touch sound

I recommend leaving the charging sounds on because that way you’ll know if the charger is properly connected. Also, personally I leave Vibrate on tap enabled as it gives you the feel of actually touching the stuff on the screen. You can, however, disable it too to save some battery. Disable Touch sounds, because that’s what were are here in the first place. Also, disable the Dial pad tone so that your device doesn’t sound like a thing that your grandfather would use and because it’s just plain annoying. Screen locking sounds are pointless, so disable them too.

That is all. You may like these sounds and that’s okay. But people around you may be disturbed by them, especially if you’re in a meeting or a classroom. Most of the people like their phones a quite as possible, this tutorial is for them.

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