Your Android smartphone or tablet has a lot of components that make it function properly. If a component is malfunctioning, it could ruin your experience. So how do you pinpoint what exactly is wrong with your device? Fortunately, there are apps that help you figure out what is malfunctioning and solve it. Even if you are not experiencing any problems with your device, it will not hurt to run a routine check up to ensure it is running in its full potential. Here’s how to check Android device to see if it is functioning properly.

How to check Android device to see if it is functioning properly

Check Android Device: Google Device Assist

If you want to check your android device for malfunctions, your first stop should be the Google Device Assist app. It is available on the Google Play Store for free but if you have a device other than Nexus or Moto, you will need to download the APK and install it manually. This app is beginner friendly and gives you tips and advice that will help you take better advantage of your Android device assist - Check Android Device

On its initial startup, the app will ask you if you want the Basic, Intermediate, or Advance Mode. You can always change this from the settings. The mode you choose will determine what tips you’re shown. Beginners will be taught to turn Wi-Fi on or off, whereas Advance users will learn about features like finding your device device assist 1 - Check Android Device

The app is fairly easy to use. The app will display a series of card for you. You can also search for any particular issue in the top right corner, see your previous actions by tapping on the three-dot menu, change your app settings or view your device’s device assist 2 - Check Android Device

You can check your internet speed. The app will give you results in plain English so that you can understand it easily. Since this app is Google’s, it will give you hints for other Google apps too. Google Device Assist is no doubt a one stop solution for all your device’s problems.

Check Android Device: Test Your Androidtest your android - Check Android Device

Even the name suggest what this app if made for. Test Your Android may seem shiny and colorful but beneath it lies a powerful app that helps you test everything on your device. From your screen’s multi touch to your device’s compass, it will test everything. If you are looking for an alternative for Google Device Assist, Test Your Android is definitely the one. It is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Check Android Device: Phone Doctor PlusPhone Doctor Plus

This app, as the name suggests, functions as a doctor for your Android device. It has all the tools to perform necessary checkups to ensure your device is running at its best. When you finish various tests, the progress bar on the top will start to fill up. This indicates the state of your device. Phone Doctor Plus notes all the dates on which you have performed a test making it easier for you to know what hardware was malfunctioning and plan your next test. This app also lets you check your device’s CPU and battery health and status.

Check Android Device: Z – Device TestZ – Device Test - Check Android Device

Device Test may not be the prettiest app out there but the app underneath it will proved you with a detailed and specific information about everything from camera to GPS. After a test finishes, it will wither put a big green check mark on top of the sensor’s icon to indicate it is running properly or a big cross to indicate the sensor is lacking. This app is worth trying. However, the app is ad supported and will sometimes display a full screen app but if that doesn’t bother you than this app is gold.

Check Android Device – Fix Dead Pixels

Most of the app mentioned in this article will help you detect dead or defective pixel, but what they won’t do is fix it.  If you have any dead or defective pixel on your screen, you may be able to revive it and not change the screen altogether.Jscreen Fix - Check Android Device

If dead pixels are the result of hardware defects then unfortunately they cannot be fixed by an app, but sometimes these defective pixels just need to refresh by cycling through red, green and blue. Solving this will not require an app, but a web site – Device Test. This works on Android and any other device with a LCD panel. The site displays a black screen for your to identify the defective pixel and then offers a square that you can place over the area to make it shuffle through colors. Leaving it running for 10 minutes may fix the defective pixels.

If you prefer an app, then Dead Pixel Detector and Fixer. It offers you different colored backgrounds to identify any defective pixels and shuffles the whole screen rapidly through colors to attempt to fix any defective pixels.

Don’t see the app you use? Leave us a comment stating which app you use.

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