You will automatically receive your internet and MMS settings on your new phone when you put in your sim card. But this will not always be the case. If you just unlocked your phone or flashed a custom ROM, you might have an issue with receiving the internet settings. if you are unable to browse the internet or send an MMS, then here’s how to setup Android internet settings.

The internet and MMS settings re just an information that allows your device to know how to surf the internet or send a MMS. Every carries has their own unique information that includes IP address, username, password, etc. that enables your device to access data on their network. So if you ever find yourself on the situation where you are unable to browse the Web, there’s one thing you can do – manually enter the internet and MMS settings on your device. We will be using a web site that contains these settings and walk you through on how to enter it into your device.

How to Setup Internet settings on Android

Setup Android Internet settings: Find your settings

Head over to Internet/MMS Settings site and search for your country.Country - Setup Android Internet settings

When that’s done, select your carrier.Carrier - Setup Android Internet settings

You will be provided with the internet and MMS settings for your device including APN, port and all the other information unique to that carrier.settings - Setup Android Internet settings

Setup Android Internet settings: Input the settings

The location of where you can input these settings may vary slightly depending upon you device. You can search for the similar options and you will be able to find it easily.

On your device, go to Settings either by pulling down the notification bar and tapping the Gear icon on the top right or by tapping the Settings icon on your app drawer.settings android - Setup Android Internet settings

Tap on More options or similar under Network connections header or similar. Check out the image below to get the network settings inside - Setup Android Internet settings

Now, tap on Mobile Networks or similar.

Select Access Point Names.APN settings outside - Setup Android Internet settings

Tap the Plus sign.apn settings inside - Setup Android Internet settings

Enter the info that you got from the site earlier. Make sure the info you entered are correct.

Tap the Menu button and select Save.apn settings save - Setup Android Internet settings

Make sure the APS is enabled.

This is it. You will now be able to browse the internet or send a MMS. All the carriers’ information from around the world may not be available on the site. If you cannot find your carrier or country, you will have to contact your carrier for the settings. The installation procedure will remain the same.

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