Well, I’m pretty sure many of you reading this made a resolution this new year that you will join a gym or at least start jogging in the morning to get in shape.  Easier said than done huh?  Things would’ve been a lot easier if there was someone there to constantly motivate you and push you to exercise. Lucky for you, you are now living in the Smartphone generation and there are numerous apps that will not only help organize your daily workout be it at the  gym, at home or anywhere else but also motivate you to constantly push yourself harder. Here is your list of best health and fitness apps (Android and iOS) and how you can use them to shed some weight or get that six packs you always dreamed of:

1) JEFIT pro

best health and fitness apps jefitbest health and fitness apps jefitjefit-2

Now before you install this app in your Smartphone, you got to get your butt in the gym (nice song title eh). If you are one of those lazy bones who can’t get up in the morning, try the evening gym. Try to make at least 5 days a week workout if you are real fatty (yes its harsh but someone has to say it). Now assuming you’ve joined the gym, JEFIT pro will help you organize your workout. For the first few months you can do the beginners workout in JEFIT and as your strength increases you can move on to higher level workouts. In the app you will see that there are numerous workouts and also instructions to do them properly. All of the workouts are customizable. You can assign different workouts to different days of the week.  Another important feature is the workout logs where you can view your progress  in terms of reps and weights increased. Each week you can challenge yourself to push harder and increase weighs or reps which will help you gain strength faster.  Furthermore,  JEFIT syncs with  its website where all your progress will be safely stored.  To track your progress you can even upload your pictures at the end of each workout session.

Some other cool features include:

  • Workout Routine Planner:
    – User friendly workout routine manager.
    – Easily create own workout routines base on built-in exercises or custom exercises.
    – Adjustable sets for each exercise.
    – Support multiple routines. Easily switch among Bulking,Cutting,General and Sport Specific routines.
  • Smart Logging System :
    – Automatic input weight and reps when you doing exercises.
    – Automatic record your 1RM (1 rep maximum) for each set.
    – Automatic save your best lifting record for each exercise.
  • Progress Tracking System :
    – Graphic chart for tracking both body stats and lifting stats
    – Tracking weight,body fat, height, chest, waist, arms, shoulders, forearms,neck,hip,thighs and calves
    – Auto-calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Buy JEFIT Pro  for Android
Buy JEFIT Pro for itunes

2) Cardiotrainer

best health and fitness apps cardiotrainerbest health and fitness apps cardiotrainer20130108143031

This app is similar to Runtastic Pro. The best thing is, it is available in both free and premium version.  Free version has all the important features such as tracking indoor/outdoor activities and calorie count. The app uses gps and pedometer to track your morning workout such as jogging or walks and records the number of steps, speed and calories burnt.  Select your favorite playlist with inapp music player and you will also get your progress reports from the voice output of the app.  You can also view your workout history in a graph. It is compatible with Polar’s Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

You can also buy the Premium version of this app which will be ad free and you will get access to all future paid modules of Cardiotrainer app. It even has 30 days money back guarantee.

Download Cardiotrainer for Android

3) Runtastic pro

best health and fitness apps cardiotrainer runtastic probest health and fitness apps runtastic proruntastic-pro-2 

It is currently one of the most downloaded paid tracking app that tracks yours workout progress such as running, biking and other sports.  The app uses GPS to track and record details such as distance, speed and calories. Also tracks elevations and slopes. There is also auto pause where tracking pauses when your movement stops. Example- in case of red light. Other features include

  • Google earth tracking where it shows your trail or route in Google earth.
  • Runtastic also supports Geotagging , workout statistics in graphs, integrated music player, manual entry of workouts, weather updates
  • Monitor your heart rate with the Runtastic chest strap and also has LiveWare extension for your smartwatch

Download Runtastic Free Android Version
Buy Runtastic Pro for Android
Buy Runtastic Pro for itunes

4) Runtastic Pushup Pro

best health and fitness apps runtastic push-up pro2013.03.23-12.03.41best health and fitness apps runtastic push-up pro

Lot of people want to pushup 100.  But for many pushing past even 20 seems impossible. If you do not want to go to gym but yet want to build your chest muscles, push up is the best home exercise. To get to 100 pushups takes a lot of dedication and motivation. That’s where Runtatsup PushUps Pro app comes handy. This app will act like your personal trainer which will help you reach 100 push up goal. The app sets push up routines from Day 1 to help gradually improve your stamina and strength till you reach your goal. The app uses proximity sensor to count your pushups. Just place your android n the floor ,ready your pushup position and then  bring your nose down at the screen so that the sensor detects your movement. It also has voice coach, graphical statistics of your progress, sharing on social media and automatic countdown for breaks between sets. A;ll your workout progress can be saved in our profile at www.runtastic.com .  You can also view your friend’s profile to see how far they have progressed.

There is another app called Pushup Pro which has similar functions as the Runtastic Pushup Pro and  is free at Google Play Store.

Buy Pushup Pro for Android
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Download Pushup Pro Free for android

5)  Daily workouts

best health and fitness apps daily-abs-workoutbest health and fitness apps daily workoutbest health and fitness apps daily-workout

Daily workout series has different apps for series of workouts such as ab, arm, butt, cardio and leg workouts. Each workout app includes exercises targeted at particular muscle groups. Exercise timers can be set for 5, 7.5 or 10 mins. Simply follow the exercise instructions and workout with the in app instructor. You can download a premium version which is ad free and has additional workouts.

Download free daily workout for Android
Download free daily workout for itunes

(The links above are for Daily cardio workout, you can find other workouts as well from the same developer)

7) Noom weight loss coach

The Noom app is highly useful when it comes to controlling your urges to feed and we all know that a proper diet is foremost when it comes to achieving workout results. The main function of this app is to log all your meals and the calories you’ve consumed. Based on your profile i.e. how active you are, your age, height and current weight, Noom automatically generates maximum consumable calories per day to reach your goal weight.

To log your meals simply add the food items and its quantity. You can easily search for whatever you are eating and then select from quantities such as 1, 1/2, 1/4 cups. You can also manually enter the food items and quantities that are not in the Noom database.

Another cool feature is the pedometer function which runs in the background to record your total steps for the day. Noom free version also allows to log one workout per day. So if you want to schedule treadmill, weight training and swimming all in the same day, you will need the pro version of the app. If you train at the gym Jefit pro is all you will need to log your workout.For outdoor workouts, Cardiotrainer,  Runtastic Pro, Runkeeper or Endomondo will be suffice.

The free version of Noom has everything you want but if you want extra features you can Go Pro which will enable you to log as many meals as you want, schedule multiple exercieses, Noom audio cues for interval training, priority customer support,  and no ads. Other Pro features include access to more health articles, pro weekly newsletter, more than 350 unique tasks with smart targeting to make sure you get the right article for you. According to noom, pro users lose “twice as much weight as the Free users”.

Download Noom weightloss coach for android.


best health and fitness apps Instagrambest health and fitness apps Instagram

It’s not really a health app but its hashtags serve a greater purpose.  Be a part of instagram community of fitness freaks by joining groups like #fitnessfreaks #workoutmotivation  #eatclean and such.  Each morning open your Instagram and you can see many motivational quotes and before/after pictures which will help you pull yourself up at 5 in the morning and hit the gym.

Download Instagram for Android
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