Hey there party animals. Was it just another Friday where you let out your wild side and made new friends in the bar that became a mere figment of your imagination the very next hungover day? Let’s say you remember them but you wouldn’t know how to reach them. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could add those new friends to your Facebook by a simple toast to their glasses? Well, all that is now possible with Budweiser’s buddy cup, a weird concept attractive to beverage lovers and social media enthusiasts. The Buddy cup comes with a high tech chip integrated with Facebook. Drinkers can use their Smartphones to scan the QR code at the bottom of the glass thereby allowing access to your Facebook profile. Then a simple touch to another glass will flash a red LED indicating that your new drinking buddy has been added to your Facebook friend’s list. We don’t know how stable the Buddy Cup is when it comes to group toasting. We would love to read what users have to say after their “Buddy Cup Budweiser experience”.

Buddy Cup, the Facebook integrated social media cup
Buddy Cup, the Facebook integrated social media cup

However, these cups will be available only in Budweiser sponsored events. Seems like a good marketing move to gain Budweiser more Facebook fans and to improve interactions among its beer fans with the hopes of sprouting more Budweiser fan clubs. Check out the promo video of the Buddy Cup here:


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