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Amogh is a tech savvy & technology enthusiast. He loves to crack any issues which he faced or any user has stumble while using their devices.
Top 5 Best keyboard for Android smartphone

Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

I’ve never like the way stock keyboard looked – dull. But one of the perks of being an Android user is to be able...
Obtaining IP Address Error

How to Fix Failed to Obtaining IP Address Error in Android

You may have come across a constant and annoying Failed to obtain IP address or Obtaining IP Address message when trying to connect to a network....
ios android windows phone

Migrate to Android: Here’s how to transfer contacts, sms and data to Android

Google’s Android rule the smartphone and tablet market these days, there’s no denying it. Since Q3 of 2013, Android rules 81% of the market...

How To Backup Everything On Android

Electronics are electronics, you can never fully rely on them. In fact you should not ever fully depend on them as they are just...
Install Android Debug Bridge

How to Install Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

ADB or Android Debug Bridge is a command-line interface for interacting with your device or for debugging your apps. ADB is a part of...

Multitasking on Android with Floating Apps

One of the Android’s best feature which makes this OS incredibly useful. Sometimes, it's very useful to be able to use more than one...
build.prop file

How to edit Build.prop file on android device

Build Properties aka “build.prop” is a file in system folder of your phone which defines the A-Z details of your phone, model, brand, android...

How To Change Font On Android Device

There’s one major reason we bought an android – its customization ability. You can literally change everything about your device including changing fonts on...
How to Improve Android Smartphone Battery Life

How to Improve Android Smartphone Battery Life?

Remove you SIM card, never use Wi-Fi, if fact never touch you phone and it’ll sit there happily for whole week on single charge....