Paperless: Ditch Paper and Go DigitalPieces of paper lying on your office desk, magazines scattered around your living room, bunch of bills of every kind lying on your drawer will look unmanaged and untidy. So why not ditch these paper products and go paperless. With powerful devices inside your pocket and cloud storage, going paperless is not impossible to achieve. This article will explain you how you can go paperless and forget paper ever existed.

Receipts, Bills and Other Similar Documents

There are various apps that can help you scan your receipts and bills and safely store them on your phone or your cloud storage. The most popular apps that can help you do this is Google Drive and Evernote. You can use the Scan feature of Google Drive to scan the bills, receipts and/or any other physical documents and save it safely on cloud storage as a PDF file. As Google will perform OCR or Optical Character Recognition on your scanned documents, searching the text inside the document is also possible. Evernote users can also perform these functions. You can scan receipts and other documents and save it in your Evernote account. Like Drive, Evernote will also convert your documents’ photos into a PDF file and run OCR. Other cloud storage clients like Dropbox or note app like OneNote can also take pictures of your documents and save it as a PDF file. Or you can also take the pictures yourself with your phone’s camera and save it on your physical drive.drivescan


You don’t have to worry about losing your notes anymore. You can sue Google Keep to take down notes and other important things that you cannot afford to forget and make it accessible across various devices through app or web. There are several note-taking apps on the PlayStore which offers even more functionality and features. Simplenote, OneNote and Evernote are some of the popular ones. Select the app of your choice and access you notes from anywhere across verity of devices.keep

Important Web Articles

If you ever come across articles which you this is important and want to save it for viewing it during your leisure, you don’t need to print it. Save the web page as PDF and read it whenever you want to. If you upload it to your cloud storage, even better. If you’re using Google Chrome on your computer, you can save a page directly to Drive and you can access it whenever needed via your Google Drive app. If you use other cloud storage clients, you can simply print a document as PDF and manually save it to your Dropbox or OneDrive or others. If your accessing web form your phone and you come across something importand, some browser like Firefox and Dolphin supports add-ons that can save a webpage as PDF on your storage.webtopdf

Paper Maps

You can use Google Maps to replace huge paper maps. Either use you Internet connection to use the maps whenever needed or save a map to use it later offline. Even though you can get navigation directions wile offline, you can still use the map and use your common sense to know where you are. There are plenty of other maps available on the PlayStore such as OsmAnd, NavFree, etc.maps

Magazines and Newspapers

If you’re into reading news and magazines, you can subscribe to them and read it on your Android using various apps. Google Play NewsStand lets you download digital copies of your favorite magazines onto your device. Your favorite newspaper or magazines may have an app of their own like NYTimes app of New York Times. You can even use Amazon’s Kindle to read the newspaper and magazines of your choice. Flipboard is also a popular app that’ll let you read online contents in a magazine-like experience.newsandmags

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Download: Google Drive for Android devices and iOS devices.

Download: Evernote for Android devices and iOS devices.


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