If you haven’t subscribed to unlimited data plan then browsing the web on your android device can be hard on your wallet. But you can control mobile data usage by using a compressing proxy app. What these apps does is it compresses your data down as much as possible before it travels over your carrier’s mobile data network. For example you are browsing AppsLova.com on your device using mobile data. Doing this means you are connecting to our servers and they send you the data that creates the articles you see on your screen. However if your are using any compressing proxies, you’d be first connecting to the third-party server then the third-party server would connect to Appslova’s server and download the data for you and compress it and then send it to you. This will work even with other app other than web browsers. Unfortunately, using proxies to compress data will affect your browsing speed as the data has to travel from main server to 3rd party server and then to your device. However if your mobile data connection is slow, it may be faster to download compressed data. Here are 4 ways you can reduce your data usage with Best android apps to control mobile data usage.

Opera Max
Developer: Opera Software ASA
Price: Freeoperamax
Opera Max will not only compress your data but also encrypt them for your security. Moreover, it also compresses videos along with photos, webpages and all other types of data. In addition to this, Opera Max even provides you an overview of all the app that are using mobile data and give you the power to restrict them from using it. Downloading and using this app is free but you are occasionally asked to watch an advertisement to continue using this app.

Onavo Extend
Developer: Onavo
Price: Freeonavo
This is another popular data compressing app which works with all the apps on your device to reduce your mobile data usage. It does everything Opera Max does except it does not compress videos. However, if you never watch videos while using your data, you’ll likely to save more data using this app than Opera Max. In 2013 Facebook bought Onavo.

Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Freechrome
Google’s Chrome has its own in-built data compression feature. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with other apps on your device like the previous two apps. You’ll only be benefited if your browsing Chrome while using mobile data. To use this feature, tap the Menu button on Chrome and then tap Settings. Find and open Bandwidth Management > Reduce Data Usage and then enable Reduce Data Usage.

Opera / Opera Mini
Developer: Opera Software ASA
Price: Freeoperabrowsers
Like Google Chrome, Opera and Opera Mini also has data compressing functionality. Opera does the same thing Chrome does, that is compress data while you are browsing web using any of the two apps. This will only work while using Opera and will not work with all other apps on your device. This feature is called Off-Road Mode and is available on Opera Browser for Windows, Mac and Linux which could help reduce data when tethering data from your device. To use this feature tap the “O” button and enable Off-Road Mode toggle. Opera Mini always use this feature.

Android Data Usage

Your device can also track the usage of data by various apps and help you restrict them from using it. To do so, you need to open your Settings and tap on Data Usage. From there, you can see how much mobile data has been used and restrict certain apps from using it. You can also disable mobile data entirely.



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