Remote access is the present, and the future of interacting with machines. Increasing internet spend and powerful portable devices has increased the usability of remote access apps. Let me take an example of myself – I am lazy and I want everything within my hands’ reach. It was becoming inconvenient for me to check my queued downloads on my PC so I decided to use Team viewer to remotely access my PC while I was relaxing on my bed. Although it is a little difficult to access your desktop using a touchscreen; it is still portable than laptops. Here are top best apps to control computer with android remote desktop Apps.

Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android

This app comes straight form Microsoft but it isn’t the best remote login app. Thought its interface is slick that’s similar to Windows 8’ UI, it lacks some features. This can only function if you use RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol on your PC and it only supports Professional and Business version of Windows. The app works only on landscape mode, so portrait mode users may not like this app. If you could ignore its flaws, this app is pretty simple and handy to use. And it’s FREE!


Chrome Remote Desktop for Android

Chrome Remote Desktop has been around a long time on PC, but it has recently been released on Android. This app allows you to control your computer from anywhere and it does that pretty fast if you’re using Wi-Fi. Unfortunately it only supports android version 4.0.X and above, so farewell to legacy devices. Chrome is pretty basic and simple to use but importing a file from your computer to your smartphone or tablet can be annoying. Another downside to this app is its inability to play sound form remotely accessed computer but its minimalistic design and ease of access makes you forget about its flaws.


PocketCloud Remote for Android

PocketCloud supports both RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and VNC (Virtual Network Computing) protocols and works for both Mac and Windows machines. Its free version allows you to access only one computer but upgrading it to pro will eliminate this limitation and add more like security options, VMWare View support, etc. the only major downside to this app is that the internet connection needs to be fast in order to properly use it.


Splashtop Remote Desktop for Android

This is one of the most fully featured and complete android remote desktop client on the PlayStore. It is fast, easy to use and feature-rich. With Splashtop, you can even play games, stream a video along with managing files and folders remotely. The manufacturers of this app claims that it is the only remote desktop app that streams high quality audio and video. Thought using mobile data can cause some lag; using it on Wi-Fi will show no lag whatsoever.


TeamViewer for Android

Form the day I installed this app, it has gotten nothing but better. TeamViewer is fast even if you are using a slow connection or mobile data. It has an option to decrease or increase the quality of video and audio to suit your connection speed. You can set up a free account within minutes and start controlling your computer. However, free version will only let you control one computer but you can purchase the pro license to eliminate this limitation. You can stream music, video and even play games on your remotely accessed computer.



LogMeIn apps for android

LogMeIn is another great remote-desktop app which supports both Windows and Mac. All you have to do is install the app on your android, install desktop client on your computer, add the computer on your LogMeIn account and done; you can now access that computer from anywhere. Moreover, it is a great audio and video streaming platform although streaming HD videos require you to be connected to a fat network. You can easily navigate your desktop using the touch screen with combinations like “pinch to zoom”, “one finger to pan”, “double tap and slide to drag”, etc. This app even has the ability to perform Ctrl-Alt-Delete command. Unfortunately LogMeIn decided it no longer wants to offer a free tier on 21th of Jan 2014. LogMeIn is transitioning to a paid-only program. The free account lasts only for 14 days and you have to purchase the full version for $30.


  1. Yes, you can control your laptop or computers with android remote support apps like R-HUB remote support servers, logmein, teamviewer, splashtop etc.


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