Android is an amazing platform for smartphones and tablets. There are stuffs that you can do on an Android that iOS and Windows Phones users can only dream about and with a little imagination, possibilities are limitless. Here we’re going to learn about some simple yet useful tricks that Android has under its sleeve and the tricks every Android users should know.

Google Search from anywhere:

google searchOn the resent update to Google Search app, Google have added the feature that enables the users to search on Google from anywhere. All you have to do is say “Ok, Google” followed by the word or phrase you want to search. This is pretty handy to anyone. Here’s how you enable this function:
1. Go to Google Search app
2. Open Settings > Voice
3. Open “ Ok Google Detection”
4. Enable “From Any Screen”
5. Make the app recognize you voice.

Make your device feel faster:

animations We got to admit Google has not been able to make Android “lag free” and snappy like iOS and Windows Phone. Even though there has been some improvements in the resent versions, still it’s not good enough. This trick won’t make your device faster literally, it will just make you feel that it is fast. We will disable animations, which is located inside Developer Options (it is hidden by default). Here’s how we do it:
1. Open your System Settings app, scroll down to the bottom and tap on About Phone.
2. Scroll down and tap on Build Number 7 times to un-hide Developer Options.
3. Go back and tap on Developer Options.
4. Find and adjust window and transition animation scales to .5x or turn them off.

Find your lost phone:

Android Device ManagerLosing your smartphone is the worst that can happen as there is the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. You can install various app to find your lost phone remotely but these apps require you to install in before you lost your phone. Fortunately Android has a built-in app for finding your phone or erase its data remotely.
1. Go to
2. Select the phone from the menu.
3. Now you can see its location, ring it, lock it or erase its data. Wi-Fi or mobile data should be enabled on the phone for this to work.

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Control your song from lockscreen:

music player lockscreenWhen you’re playing music on your Android, various media controls (back, play, pause and skip) and album art are displayed on the lock screen. However, what’s missing is the slider to control the progress of the song. Technically it’s always there but hidden. Here’s how to make it appear:

1. Long press media control buttons. Progress bar will appear.
2. Control the progress of the song.

Put widgets on lockscreen:

lockscreen widgetsWidgets were one of the reasons of Android’s popularity. Before Android version 4.x.x, homescreens were the only place you can put a widget but now you can even put widgets on the lockscreen for quick access to stuffs without unlocking the device. Here’s how to enable this feature and add widgets:
1. Open you System Settings app and go to Security.
2. Tap on Enable Widgets.
3. On the lockscreen swipe to the left.
4. Tap the + button and choose the widget of your choice.

Save battery on GPS:

Gps Mode Android allows you to determine how you want your device’s GPS to function. There are three different GPS modes: high accuracy, battery saving and device only which can be selected according to your need. Here’s how we do it:
1. Open your Settings app and go to Location.
2. Tap on Mode.
3. Select a GPS mode.

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