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    Instagram is easier to use. I don’t like to waste time.

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    Bakari English

    Although Instagram is easier to use, Picsart is way more advanced. I use picsart for my business. And it’s actually very advanced for an app on apple, android, and amazon. It is the photoshop for mobile. Theres no way I would choose anything else for my business.

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    I love Picsart and to be more than honest it amazes me why Instagram is so popular. Hence the google search question I imputed that led me to this site and the article was spot on in its observations.

    I only have those two apps on my phone too. Instagram would NOT be on my phone but for the fact that everyone else uses it. My pet dislike on Instagram is the UI (ugly!) and the fact that you can’t double click & have pics in full screen/no pinch & zoom. Not too bad on my Galaxy Note but a nightmare on my IPhone 5! IPhone users are some of the biggest users of Instagram(???).

    Picsart is slick, beautiful and has such great functionality for any one with an ounce of creativity. I love it. It is far superior on every score compared to Instagram. The general user base does tend to be people with a genuine interest in photography as opposed to narcissistic selfie lovers.


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