We have been getting some requests for a fix for the Google Play error 911.  Well, let me repeat that there is no one sure solution for these market related android errors and you’ll have to try a bunch of fixes to fix these errors and chances are that the errors will come back and you’d have to repeat the process. The 911 error mostly occurs when you are trying to update your apps in the Google play store while connected to a faulty wifi network. When your update is just about to complete the following frustrating message pops up:  “App could not be downloaded due to an error 911”. Now, let’s take a look at the solutions for error 911.

Method 1: Clear the Google Play store data

  • Go to Settings >> Manage Applications or Apps >> Open “All” tab
  • From the list of “All” apps >> Scroll Down and Select “Play Store” >> Select Force stop, Clear cache and Clear data

Method 2: If you are using a wifi connection that requires a webpage login, then your authentication has probably expired. Log in to the APN again via your android browser.  Open Google Play store and run the app update again . If that didn’t work the problem is with the wifi network itself.

Method 3: Simply switch to another Wifi network and run the update. The error 911 should disappear for the new Wifi network.

Method 4:  Use your mobile network data services instead of wifi. Turn wifi off and then turn your data on and now open your Google Play Store and download/update your apps or games.  However, this method is only suited for apps and games that are small sized. For larger updates you should use your wifi network to save data charge.

Hope one of these methods solved the 911 error for your android device so that you can get back to downloading apps in the Google play store.

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  1. Log in to the APN again via your android browser. I logged into my Wifi again and I switched to another one and still getting error 911. What does APN stand for?

  2. APN stand for Access Point Name
    An Access Point Name (APN) is the name of a gateway between a GPRS, 3G or 4G mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public Internet.

    More specifically, the APN identifies the packet data network (PDN) that a mobile data user wants to communicate with. In addition to identifying a PDN, an APN may also be used to define the type of service, (e.g. connection to wireless application protocol (WAP) server, multimedia messaging service (MMS)) that is provided by the PDN. APN is used in 3GPP data access networks, e.g. general packet radio service (GPRS), evolved packet core (EPC).

  3. Please help me, i did all those things but im still getting the error when im trying to update apps or when i try to download apps which are over 40mb 🙁

  4. the suggestions about changing wifi just don’t work and are a waste of time . Tamer’s suggestion about changing default memory to mobile (sometimes called phone storage) works a treat. Thank you. Remember to move the apps that can be moved to SD card storage after they are installed


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