android market error fixIf you’re still stuck with older android operating systems like froyo, Gingerbread or Jellybean 4.1.X and so on, you must have or might encounter the Google Play error 941 while trying to run updates on your Android Marketplace- which is now updated to Google Play store. However, the error 941 fix is not scary at all. The solution to this problem follows the same cache clearing steps as most other android market (Google Play) related errors like error 498, 921, RPC etc.

Now, grab your android tablet or smartphone and then follow these simply steps to fix 941error in Google Play store:

  • Go to Settings >> Manage Applications or Apps >> Open “All” tab
  • From the list of “All” apps >> Scroll Down and Select “Play Store” >> Select Force stop, Clear cache and Clear data
  • Again, go back to “All”>> Scroll and Select “Download Manager”>> Select Clear cache and Clear data
  • Now open Google Play and try updating your app. If the problem persists continue to the step below.
  • Again, go to “All”>> Scroll and Select “Play Store” >> Select “Uninstall Updates”

Hope that solved the Google play error 941 on your android device.  Happy app hunting.




  1. I just got a Note 5 and the above solution did NOT work for me on its own. I found a working solution that I haven’t seen posted anywhere. The 941 problem happens (I think) because of syncing your Google accounts from a previous phone. The solution is to go into Settings > Accounts and delete all your Google accounts (not just the one associated with your Google Play account). THEN use the methods in this page to clear cache/data for Google Play Store, etc. After that, restart your phone. Then re-add the Google account(s) that you deleted. Google Play Services should update just fine after that.


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