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Google has just acquired Bitspin, the Swiss developers of the popular Android alarm app called “Timely“.  Timely has a very neat and attractive interface and is packed with all the necessary features you would expect in a digital alarm clock.  The app supports a wide array of features from wake up challenges to make sure you are really awake to cloud synchronization for all your android devices.The user interface is also intuitive making use of gestures to interact with the app features and detecting when you lift the phone so that the volume of the alarm is automatically lowered.  You can even choose your own theme and the app has been designed to look good in all android devices-phones and tablets.

I thought I’d never say this but Timely is better than the stock Android clock. Now that Timely belongs to Google, it is possible that it will replace the stock Android clock in the upcoming versions of the Android operating system. Bitspin team seems thrilled to be a part of Google and will be continuing their work to build awesome apps for the Google “apposphere”. Check out the Swiss team’s official statement Here. Did I mention that the premium(banner ad free) version of Timely is now FREE. Thank you Google, you are awesome.

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