I happen to be a Google apps lover and have installed almost all of their apps in the Google Play Store. With popular news reading apps like Pulse, Feedly, Flipboard, Taptu, many people don’t know that Google also has its own news and magazine app called “Google Play Newsstand”.  It’s not that this app is extraordinary compared to other similar apps but Newsstand goes really well with other Google Apps. It makes a nice addition to your collection of other Google Apps. I don’t know if you are an “apps collector” (weird?) or not but you should definitely give newsstand a chance.

Like most Google Apps, the interface is very clean and minimalistic and the load time is also very fast. Furthermore, it is a very light weight app, doesn’t take much memory and runs really fast- you will benefit more if you have slower internet connection.  Before this app, I had been using Pulse and Taptu. Pulse had been my favorite news reading app until the recent update which screwed up the content loading time. However, I haven’t lost faith in the developers yet and I’m pretty sure they will come with another to resolve the issue. Until then I will stick to Google News Stand.

Google Play Newsstand allows you to collect and compile a list of news sources based on the topics of your interest.  You can categorize sources under business, technology, news, lifestyle, design, health and so on. You can also follow the article tags to get the latest related news.  With the premium version of Newsstand you can gain access to full HD magazines. You can also bookmark articles to read them later or save articles to help you with your research. If you have subscriptions in Google Currents, they are automatically transferred to Newsstand.

Try Google Play Newsstand now and let us know how you like it.


Download Google Play Newsstand


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