sympathise facebookFacebook can get confusing sometimes. How can you show your support on facebook status with a sad feeling? Just liking it seems confusing to be honest. Are you liking the fact that someone got ill or are you showing your support? Keeping this thing into mind, facebook is reportedly working on a “sympathise” button.

According to facebook, if the user tags the status update with a sad emotion, then this new feature gets activated. So, instead of seeing “five people like this”, we will be seeing “five people sympathise with this”. So  next time you get into an accident, or if someone’s pet dies, you better sympathise with them instead of liking it.

This concept came into being in a facebook ‘hackathon’ event where the company engineers came together and brainstormed new ideas. This same event is responsible for the emerge of the facebook timeline and also the like button.

While the news is out, facebook has not yet revealed when this sympathise button will be rolled out. However, people have already started giving out mixed feeling about this feature as can be seen here.


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