xiaomi phonesAccording to latest reports, Xiaomi has sold 7.03 million mobile phones in the first half of this year earning a revenue of 元13.3 billion.  In the entire 2012, Xiaomi’s revenue was 元12.6 billion . The company plans to sell 15 million smartphones by the end of 2013. 14 million Xiaomi customers reside on Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In an interview to China Daily, CEO Lei said that Xiaomi aims to increase its annual smartphone shipment to more than 100 million by 2016.According to an IDC analyst, every Xiaomi smartphone model has sold more than 1 million which means it is outselling companies like Huawei and ZTE in terms of individual smartphone sales. It should be noted that the latter two companies have been in the smartphone industry for a long time while Xiaomi sold its first phone on 2011.

Due to low price and high performance, Xiaomi phones must be preordered if you plan to get it on the first release. In the past, we’ve seen Xiaomi phones selling out in a single day. The most recent product of Xiaomi is the Xiaomi Piston earphones available in China for 元99 or $17. Xiaomi claims the Piston rivals performance of the more expensive Iphone earpods.


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