We, the modern tech-lover people, love to play games in our Android devices even more. Most of the time, we love to explore new games, and play, be it for killing our leisure time, or just to have some fun and refreshment even when we are busy. And for those who love gaming in their Android devices, Candy Mobile has developed a new game for you- named as Toilet and Bathroom Rush. It is little weird, but is unique, fun and quite addictive to play.

toilet and bathroom rush

To enjoy this game, download and install it from the Google Play Store for free, and install it in your Android smartphone or tablet. After you install it, launch it. At first it will show you some tutorial about how to play the game. In this game, you will have to do all the stuffs you normally do in your bathroom- balance the sleeping boy, maintain pressure for poop, clean the seat, kill the cockroaches, push the flush button, catch the toilet paper, find empty seat, and some others too (there are altogether fourteen mini games). All these will appear random, and you will have to clear these within the given time. The objective is to win as many minigames as you can. You will get four lives at once for each game which get reduce when you fail in completing the minigames, and you can purchase extra lives (if you like to do so) from the in-app purchases of the game. The level increases with the completion of certain mini-games, and with the increase in level, the time which is given to complete the mini-games will decrease.

Playing this game is not much hard, as it is designed easy to be played but gets harder when the time decreases. The cartoons and other graphics used in the game are also nice. Another plus point of this game is that it runs in Android 2.1 and above, even in the low-end devices. But the ads which appear after every two or three minigames are quite annoying. The ads are obviously necessary for the good of the developer, but that much frequency of the ads makes the Toilet and Bathroom Rush quite awful. We would recommend the developers to decrease the frequency of ads, or make them appear in the lower part of the game, without giving much trouble. Otherwise, it is a nice game to have installed in your device, and after you install it, I bet you have ever spent that much time in your bathroom ever. Enjoy your Toilet and Bathroom Rush.


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