Snapchat users are pretty familiar with disappearing photos and videos. You can send photos and videos on Snapchat than will expire (or disappear) after a pre-allocated time. On the latest update, Instagram has copied this feature. You can now send auto expiring photos and videos on Instagram too. However, you can only send such messages to an account that you follow and that follows you back too. The user can only view it once. And like Snapchat, you can draw or write a text over on image before you send it. Here’s how to send disappearing messages in Instagram.instagram-direct - send disappearing messages in Instagram

How to send disappearing messages in Instagram

Step 1: To send a disappearing message to a Instagram user, tap the camera button located at the top left corner of the home screen. Swipe up and select a photo or video or capture a fresh photo or video with your device’s camera.

Step 2: You can draw on the selected photo if you want. Next, tap on the little arrow located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Select a user and send it.

How to view disappearing messages in Instagram

Step 1: When you receive such messages, a little photo button will appear at the top of your inbox indicating who sent you the message.  Tap on it to play it. It will play immediately and stay on the screen for 18 seconds. Then it will disappear completely.

Step 2: You can reply to such messages with your own disappearing photo or video.

Disappearing messages will not appear in any message thread on your inbox. You will know when the message it viewed and you can only send or receive such messages to / from the users that you follow and that follow you back to prevent spam.

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