We all have some secrets in life, which we want nobody to know. They can be in any forms- even as the photos or videos in our smarphones. And in case if they are in the form of photos or videos, we may always want to hide them, so that nobody want to see. Locking them can be a good option, but that is not always useful since people you know or even don’t may at any time force or blackmail you to open the files you have locked. Hiding is though, useful in many cases since nobody knows that there is something which they can’t see. For the Android smartphones and tablets users, to hide photos and videos, though there are several methods, using an application named Hide pictures- KeepSafe Vault , developed by KeepSafe is a nice one.

hide photos and videos in android

The Hide pictures- KeepSafe Vault app can be downloaded from the google play store for free, which makes you hide photos and videos in Android device you use much easier. It just makes the files vanish from your Gallery app, and stay locked behind an easy-to-use PIN pad. To do this, at first you should head to the play store, download and install the app. After this, you can set up your pin or password. To hide the images or videos, you will just be required to select the files and press the hide option. Done! One of the biggest plus point of this app is that you can even set a fake PIN, to trick those who force or blackmail you to open the KeepSafe Vault app for them.

hide photos and videos in android

After you’ve hidden your items, they will remain in the same location safely where they were previously (you don’t need to worry about the files, since they will just be hidden and will go nowhere). To unhide the files, you’ll need to select the hidden images and videos and tap on ‘unhide’, and confirm it. Install this app, and you’ll just be happy to hide photos and videos in Android device you are currently using.


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