It has been almost a month that LG G3 has been released, and it is available in the Korean market already. The US’s third largest telecommunications network, Sprint  is mostly one of the first carrier where smartphone vendors prefer to launch their flagships, but this time LG deviated the trend. After a few weeks wait, the LG G3 for Sprint is finally announced to be available from 18th of July, 2014.

LG G3 for sprint

The pre order will start from 11th of July for the LG G3 for Sprint, which appears out to be one week before the launch. There will be two color options available for the users- black or gold. You will be able to use the LG G3 for $0 upfront exclusive of taxes, which will make you pay $25 equal monthly installments for next 24 months. While this is the price on contract for the carrier, you will get the smartphone off contract in the market at roughly the same price, which by luck happens to be $600. The buyers will also get a $150 gift card if they register (which is required for buying) by August 7, and a $100 one if they do this by August 28. The another mind blowing fact is that you can be one of the 20 lucky winners who will get the LG G3 for Sprint for free, which are announced to be given away by the carrier.

According to the latest reports, LG holds the third position (after Apple and Samsung) in the US smartphone market share. The LG G3 is famous for its very less bezel space (probably the smallest among all the flagships till date, except its own predecessor), and is rocking the current smartphone market with its very high end specs, among which the featured QHD Display is the most appreciated. You can go to the carrier’s website and pre-order the glorious smartphone, on or after 11th of July.


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