After Sprint last week announced the pre-booking and availability details for the QHD beast- the LG G3, its time for AT&T now to make it available for their users. Though this LG’s high-end flagship is already available in the markets of several parts of Europe, its still on the way to the US, and for only a few carriers. There are two items worth wait though- they are the LG G3 and G watch for AT&T, which are officially announced by the carrier to be available to the users from 11th of July, and the pre-booking has started already.

LG G3 and G Watch for AT&T

You can pre-order the LG G3 and G Watch for AT&T online, starting from today. The price of the LG G3 will be $199, with two years contract. However, there will be options of 12 and 18 months available for the users too- which will cost them $29 and $24.17 per months respectively. There is no need to pay anything upfront to the AT&T in these installment plans, and is known as the AT&T next plan.


The LG G Watch, which is the first wearable by the LG, is also set to available in the stores in the same date- which happens to be 11th of July. The pre-order of the LG G Watch is also available online. The smart wearable will cost $229, and if you are planning to buy both the items together, there is a discount scheme of 50% for the LG G Watch. It means you will be saving half of the cost of the wearable, if you buy the LG G3 and G Watch for AT&T together. The scheme is available only for the two-year contract or the Next plan buyers, and not for the off-contract buyers. This discount offer is also valid for some accessories- like the Ultra Stereo Bluetooth Headset and the G3 Quick Circle folio case with wireless charging.

You can check the specs of the LG G3 here.

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