What if you’re about to attend a meeting or going to drive a car and won’t be able to reply to texts or receive a call? You can switch it off, but you don’t really want to. You can put your device in silent mode but the callers may try to reach you again and again. Fortunately, there is an app that you can use to send automatic response to the callers or texters stating that you will be busy for some minutes or hours. Here’s how to send automatic response to text messages.

How to send automatic response to text messages

SMS Auto Reply Text Message is the app you need. It is a feature rich app that lets you easily set up automatic response to text messages. You can either turn it on manually whenever you need it or create a schedule and forget about it. You can schedule it to run using time, dates or days.send automatic response to text messages

This app also allows you to create profiles with your own custom replies and choose who receives those replies. These replies can be set to go to anyone who calls or texts you, or to only those who are on your contacts or to those who are not. The contacts on the Emergency List will be allowed to ring you without any restriction.

SMS Auto Reply supports IFTTT and give you the ability to auto reply to text messages based on your location. Also, you can set to auto respond to SMS contain certain text. You need to install IFTTT  for these features to work. Since you need to set the numbers you want to send auto response to, this only works of you set up a recipe for individual contacts. This is why IFTTT is only useful if you have a limited contacts to auto reply.

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