Google history used to be a binary choice – you either enable it or you don’t. People choose to disable the recording of Google History mainly because of privacy concerns and to stay incognito. However, this is not the case anymore. Google will now let you schedule History to automatically delete on the time you’re configured. This will allow you to use all the perks that come with enabling recording of history while getting a certain, if not total, level of privacy. Here’s how to schedule deletion of Google History.

Schedule deletion of Google History

This guide is simple with only a few steps, so you can follow it with ease. Follow the steps below;

Step 1: On your Android device, head over to My Activity. You can do this on any device, including PC, but since this is an Android tutorial we will use an Android device. 

Step 2: When or if asked, log in to your account using your account credentials. 

Step 3: Find Web & App activity. If you want to delete location history too, find Location History.

Step 4: Under Web & App Activity, find Choose to delete automatically and tap on it. 

Schedule deletion of Google History

Step 5: Now its time to select the time you want to keep your Google History. You can choose from 3 options – Keep until I delete manually, Keep for 18 months then delete automatically or Keep for 3 months then delete automatically. Since we are trying to set up scheduled deletion, the first option is out. 

Step 6: Select one of the last two options and then tap on Next.

Step 7: If you chose any of the two options, Google will display a preview of all the data you will lose if you select any of these two options. Choosing the second option will delete the history that is older than 18 months, and if you chose the final option, Google will delete the history that is older than 3 months. This will take effect immediately. Tap on Confirm if you have no doubt about your choice.

Step 8: Tap on Got it. Now, Google will delete history automatically depending on what option you chose.

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