If you own a Pixel 4, you may have noticed that when you use face unlock the lock screen notifications are bypassed and the phone will unlock instantly. This may be annoying if you just wanted to check the notifications and use the phone. On the iPhone, when using Face ID, the lock screen stays until you swipe up giving time to read notifications. If you want it that way on your Google Pixel 4 too, there is a way. There are settings you can adjust which allows you to check the notifications by just lifting the phone. Since this uses face unlock, if a person tries to read your notifications, they will be unable to do so. Here’s how to reveal lock screen notification on Pixel 4 by looking at it.

Reveal lock screen notification on Pixel 4 by looking at it

There is no difficult procedure for this tutorial. All you have to do is disable 2 settings. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Change Settings

For this to work, you have to disable 2 settings – Sensitive notifications and Skip Lock Screen.

Head over to the device’s Settings and tap on Apps and notifications. When inside, select Notifications. Find Sensitive notifications and tap on the toggle beside it to disable it. This allows the lock screen to keep the notifications hidden until you verify it’s you using face unlock. But this will skip the lock screen when you verify it’s you so you won’t have time to read the notifications. For that, you need to change another setting.

Reveal lock screen notification on Pixel 4 by looking at it

On the same Notification page, find Skip lock screen and tap on the toggle next to it to disable it. This will allow the notifications to expand when you look at it. This will allow you to read the notifications and not open the lock screen instantly.

Step 2: Test it out

After you have disabled the two settings, its time to test it out. Make sure you have at least one notification. Lift up your screen and look at it for face unlock verification. You will see that the notifications are expanded on the lock screen and you can read it. This is useful when you just want to check the notification and not use the device itself.

Reveal lock screen notification on Pixel 4 by looking at it

This ill save you some time and some steps that you’ll usually need to read a notification. To unlock the device, you will have to swipe up on the lock screen.

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  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for the last few days! I was really annoyed with the app notification icons on the locked screen, instead of detailed notifications, I couldn’t find what to turn off in the settings to make the notifications visible on the locked screen, but you ended up helping me a lot!


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