One of the Android’s best feature which makes this OS incredibly useful. Sometimes, it’s very useful to be able to use more than one app on your android device like for example, if you want to watch a movie while surfing, find some contact or write a note while you’re chatting on Facebook, search web or Wikipedia for some facts, etc. But since you cannot run multiple apps side-by-side on your android device, this isn’t technically “true” multitasking. But this won’t be a problem after you reach the end of this article. This article will teach you to how to “true” multitask on your android device.

Floating_Apps_13245Multitasking on Android 
One of the most powerful and fully featured multitasking app is Floating Apps priced at $2.15. Multitasking on Android using this app will bring out its true potential. These apps float on top of everything on your device’s screen, giving you easy access to various tools. You don’t have to constantly switch between apps to do what you intend to do. If you don’t own a laptop, then you android phone or tablet gets almost equal web browsing time as you PC. Whether you’re checking out local news or booking a ticket for your favorite movie, the browser is a must. Floating Browser (included in Floating apps) is a fully featured browser which floats atop other apps. With its floating ability, you can look any information about everything whilst running other apps. For example you can look up a tutorial on a level of Angry Birds without having to close the game itself. This browser along with every other apps included in Floating apps is completely resizable, so you don’t have to worry about it eating up your workspace. It also features a minimize and maximize bottom that docks and stretches your floating apps across screen.

Another useful floating app is “floating notes”. This app like the “floating browser” floats atop everything on your screen. You can use it to note down urgent notes while Skyping with someone, or copy-paste a link you want to view later. Possibilities of this small floating app is infinite. You can open multiple floating notes and dock it (minimizing) for later use. Another addition to Floating Apps is “floating calculator”. I don’t think I need to explain the significance of this floating app. There are plenty of other floating apps this app offers. Countdown timer, dialer, Facebook, file browser, flashlight, google plus, image viewer, music player, pdf viewer, google search, etc. are some of them. You can even create your own floating apps from home screen widgets and/or URLs.
There are numerous multitasking apps on the Play Store but this app tops the list. This app has everything essential to multitask. From browser to phone dialer, this app has it all. So if you truly want to use your powerful android device to its full potential, I suggest you to use this app.

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