As the release date of the iPhone 6 is coming nearby, the phone is having a lot of leaks: and this time this is about the 4.7 inches iPhone 6.

iphone 6

iPhone 6 will most probably release in September. Following the topic of the iPhone 6 leaks, after being pictured by Taiwanese celebrity Jimmy Lin last week, the alleged iPhone 6 has again made an appearance. This time it’s next to the new HTC One (M8) flagship. The two devices- the HTC One M8 and the iPhone 6 4.7 inches look very similar, and the iPhone is most probably the dummy version for test- a device which doesn’t have any official hardwares and softwares, and is for the size, physical appearance and dimensions test.

4.7" iphone 6

A 5.7 inches counter-part is also said to be released along: which makes Apple release two versions release at the same time. Last year also there were two versions released- iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but they had the similar screen size and different hardwares. This time Apple will probably do the opposite- there will be different screen sizes, but almost all of the hardwares will be identical.

We had previously posted about the iPhone 6 to come with a quad-core processor. Apple has also announced the iOS 8 to be released soon, while the developer version has released already. The iPhone 6 will be unveiled along with the iOS 8 this September, and this is one of the most awaited events for this year. There will be a huge battle of smartphones though, since the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will also most probably release in September, which will also have a very high end specs. The release date differs with a few days only, and though the two have different Operating System platforms, they will compete severely, since there are a lot users trying to switch their platform too. Lets see what happens, and we will of course update you with the every available details of the beasts in the upcoming days.


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