into_the dead

Into the Dead is the latest Zombie Game to join the android market and currently it is one of the top trending games in the Google play store. This is a survival horror game in which you must acoiv being eaten alive by hordes of Zombies that have taken over the world.

For such cool graphics, the game size is surprisingly small and thus the download is very fast. The gameplay is very simple. You run as far as possible avoiding zombies along the way and picking up crates of weapons and ammunition. Controls are very smooth and you can chose your different type of controls from screen tilts modes to onscreen taps to control movement and fire weapons.


As you progress, you will collect coins which you can use to unlock and buy cool weapons like chainsaw and machine guns. However, you have to work really hard to collect all that dough. But if you are willing to spend real $$ you can unlock all those weapons pronto. You can also buy your own set of zombies like Word War II Nazi Zombies and American Football Zombies. Cool eh?


The game is a great time pass and like in temple run,  you can challenge your friends to beat your high scores. You will probably end up playing this game more than once immediately after the first install. if you don’t want to spend real money or work hard i.e lots of running away from zombies then it gets kinda boring without all the cool weapons . Nonetheless, you can install it for free and its a breeze. The gameplay and graphics are cool so why not give it a go here.

Checkout some gameplay shots below:

into_the_dead_04   into_the_dead_05




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