We don’t have to explain the pain of losing your phone or someone misusing your phone. But we know the happiness of catching someone trying to steal you phone. Here in this article, we’ll talk about the app that will take a picture of the one who tried to steal you phone. iLock – Anti-theft LockScreen is an android app which will take a picture using your front camera whenever someone tries a wrong PIN. Here’s how you use this app.

First thing first – download the app from the Play Store. When the app is installed and you open the app, you’ll be greeted with a big ‘Welcome to ILock’ text along with some options below. Here you have the options to ‘change android lock to swipe lock’, ‘enable gps satellites’, ‘choose your anti-theft alarm’, ‘enable Device administrator for iLock’, ‘view a quick tutorial’ and ‘setup your PIN and CODEWORD’. You must perform each stem for the app to work correctly. When you’ve enabled the swipe lock, gps and device administrator, it’s time to setup the lock screen. Tap on ‘Setup you PIN and CODEWORD’ to move onto the next step. Here, you have to enter a new pin and code word and save it. Make sure you enable USB alarm, GPS Location and SMS Alarm located at the bottom. The code word will help you to activate an alarm on the device by sending it via SMS. If you send GPS (codeword), the app will send the device’s location to the sender’s number.ilock

Though to cannot completely rely on the app, it is still pretty convenient for securing you device and finding it if its lost.

Download iLock – Anti-Theft Lockscreen


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