If you values you privacy, then you know how venerable regular messenger app like Facebook Messenger and Viber is. But your fear will be no more with the app called Confide. It is a text-only app which acts like your private channel for discussing confidential information. This app, as the chairman and co-founder of Confide said, is designed for ‘professionals’ which is by this app is strictly text-based. This app are for those who want to keep their conversations under the radar. Here’s how you Send encrypted messages using Confide.

The first time you open up this app, it will show you a slide of its stand-out feature. At the end of the slide, you’ll be asked to sign up. As this app is strictly professional, you’ll only need to enter your name, email address phone number and password to sign up. You’ll be send a verification code which you need to enter in order to proceed. Then you’ll be asked to whether or not you want to connect with Facebook. It confirm that it’ll not spam or post anything on your wall and it’ll never contact your friends with your permission. You ca continue either by connecting to Facebook or skipping it.confide_1

Now you’ll see it main screen where you can write a new message, add a friend on Confide, invite a friend and others. Confide covers up the words of your message if you send it to anyone. In order to read the message, you need to drag you finger across the screen to reveal the word for a short time then it’ll be hidden again to prevent screenshots. If you try to take a screenshot of the message, the app will kick you out, delete the message from your phone and Confide’s servers and alerts the sender. It will also delete the message after you’ve finished reading it to keep confidentiality. You’ll be notified when your message are read.

You can access the Settings by taping on the 3 dot menu icon and selecting Settings to explore some additional options. You can change your name and email address or add another email address and change your phone number or add another phone number. It will also show you if you’ve connected the app to your Facebook id and if you haven’t, you it’ll let you connect. You can also enable or disable the notifications. Enable Passcode Lock for more confidentiality. You can add a friend who’s already on confide and start communicating or invite a friend to try the app. You can also send a virtual remainder to someone if they have forgotten to open up an important message.confide_2

Confide looks simple in its design and features, but it is the best option for transferring secretive and critical information. For those who want to control their own stuff and value their privacy, Confide’s for you!

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