Not much long time since the Black Friday after OnePlus had given its potential buyers the option to buy OnePlus One without invites, it has repeated the offer again. This time it is for the upcoming holidays- undoubtedly the Christmas, as stated by the company that the offer will be valid till December 25th. Along with this, it has also been promised that the delivery of the phone will be done by Christmas (if any unforeseeable events does not occur, which disturb the delivery of OnePlus One). buy OnePlus One without invites

The pricing of the OnePlus One is as usual though, which is $299 for the Silk White 16 GB version, and $349 for the Sandstone Black 64 GB version. This is indeed a great device to offer much higher specs in the price range, with also the most stable ROM of Android- CyanogenMod. Lately, the OnePlus One was released in India, where it was stated that it won’t get any updates from Cyanogen (which was altered twice, and the final conclusion was the Indian versions of the phone won’t get the updates bu the global versions will).

OnePlus has made its One smartphone for the users to buy without invites only a couple of times before, which was in the last Black Friday and by the Oppo Mart online store in June (which was much expensive though). Similar to the past deals, this time also the offer to buy OnePlus One without invites will be valid only till the stocks last, so you will have to hurry up if you want to possess this smartphone in case you missed the past deal, or have not got any invites. So, go to the purchase site, buy it as you do the normal online shopping, and enjoy with your solidly built and amazingly priced OnePlus One this Christmas and New Year.



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