OnePlus One was considered to be one of the best smartphone in almost all the reviews, comparing the price-specs ratio to other phones. The ‘2014 Flagship Killer’ tag really suited this device, as it has killer specs in a revolutionary price. However, the only thing which was bad was the users not being able to buy it their way. It needed the ‘invite system’ to be bought, which could  be received either from a person who have already bought the device, or from a long wait (and not a confirmed chance for that).

OnePlus One will be available for purchase without invite every Tuesday

However, in the recent days, OnePlus is going easy with the One smartphone lovers. The Chinese newbie manufacturer had made the OnePlus One available without invite in the past few occasions, such as the last Christmas and the Black Friday. Now, the manufacturer brings a new offer. The OnePlus One will be available for purchase without invite every Tuesday onwards, starting from tomorrow, i.e. 9th of February, 2015. Both the versions of the phone, i.e. 16GB Silk White ($300) and the 64GB Sandstone Black ($350) versions go on sale without invitations. The events will open every Tuesday at 12AM Pacific/3AM Eastern/8AM British/4PM Hong Kong and will last for 24 hours.

The offer however, not be valid for the Indian or Indonesian users, since the offer will be only for the International version of the phone. There is a separate offer for the Indian users- they will be able to buy the phone without invites from the Amazon India site only tomorrow. Since for all the sans-invite sales of the OnePlus One, there will certainly be the limited stocks, i.e. the sale will be somewhat like a flash sale. Hence, if you want to buy the phone and can’t get access to any invites, you should hurry up.

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