While browsing Facebook and other social networking app or forums you’ll come across different links for different articles or videos on various website. Clicking on it will open up your browser and a website will start to load. Sounds simple and easy enough but if you have a low-end or legacy device, opening up a different app while browsing some other app can lag you device and when you finish browsing the stuffs on the link you’ve opened and went back to continue browsing on your social networking app or forum, the app tend to reload. This can be very annoying. Also, if your internet connection is slow, opening up a link can take time. But now you don’t have to face such troubles as there is an app that can aid you. Flynx is an android app that can open links when you tap on it on any app. This is a web browser, but unlike traditional web browsers this app loads you link in a floating bubble and you can continue browsing your app while the link loads in the background. After you finish reading the contents of the link you’ve opened, you can dismiss same way you dismiss a Facebook chat head.flynx android app
Created by Epigram Labs, this app will load your links by sitting atop your screen neatly and takes only a fragment of your screen. You can load multiple links on separate panels on it and continue browsing your app. You can see the loading progress so that you know if the link has finished loading. It’s convenient to use to because viewing any page on it will never take over your whole screen.link.bubble
Whenever you click on a link, you can see the logo of the website in the bubble which makes it easy for you to know what is loading inside it. Tap the bubbles to reveal its content. You can even carryout functions like reloading the page, opening it on another browser, sharing the link with other apps and close the current or all links. To do so simply tap on the menu (3 vertical dots) and select your desired action from the drop down menu.menu
One useful feature of Flynx is its reading mode. This can be activated by tapping on the small “eye” icon located on the top right corner before the menu button. What is does is it removes all unnecessary elements on the website to make it easier for you to read the article. And while this mode is active, you can change the font size ad toggle night mode.reading.mode
I consider this app extremely useful for anyone who is of curious nature and opens a link immediately if he comes across one. This is also useful for those who wants to browse website without disrupting other tasks. You can download it for free from the PlayStore.


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