We do not have Wi-Fi signals all the time, and we can’t stand not using the internet when we are not having the Wi-Fi signal. Mobile data plan is a good alternative for this, but it is not always useful. Though it may be fast, but due to the limited usage policy (there are unlimited plans too, but are usually slower and unreliable) of the Network operators, we can’t use it according to our need and desire. We always have to fear while using the data, as we normally do not know how much data we are using at an instance. Some of us may have the feeling like hole in pocket, due to the unchecked usage of the mobile data. For example- if you have a mobile data plan of 2 GB, and you are downloading some files which are hard to calculate exactly, you can have a help by setting mobile data usage limit in your Android smartphone or tablet. This can be however, solved by the restricted usage of mobile data, which can be enjoyed in the Android smartphones. Here is how to set limit on mobile data usage in Android devices:set limit on mobile data usage


  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Wireless and Networks > Data Usage.
  2. Tap in there, and set your mobile data on first.
  3. When you switch on your mobile data, you’ll see ‘Set mobile data limit’ there with a checkbox on right on it.Check by tapping on it.
  4. Afterwards, you will see a graph, with the lines on it which show how much data you want to use in a specified time period. The white lines which are vertical show the time period, and the colored horizontal lines show the data usage you want to check. You will have to set two limits- one for warning and one for complete restriction. Move them according to your will, and you are done.

This way you can set limit on mobile data usage in Android device you use. You will not have to worry about the usage of your data anymore, use it as you want and when the limit you’ve set is reached, your data will be turned off. Good luck with the browsing.

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