Having a contact picture assigned to your phonebook contacts not only looks good but it also makes easy for us to know who’s calling and it’s far better from the ugly avatar used in place of missing contact picture. Facebook’s in-built sync feature assigns contact picture to each of your phonebook contacts according to their profile picture used in their Facebook profile but it cannot always do this if you’re friend uses different name. To assign pictures to contacts, we have 3 apps to keep all your phonebook’s contact picture synced with Facebook, or other social networks. Recently I have solved assigning profile pictures to contacts in my samsung galaxy s4 and samsung galaxy note 3 with the help of following apps.


  • Developer: Sync.ME
  • Price: Free
  • Download

assign pictures to contacts with syncme
Sync.ME is probably the most useful app on this list and is really simple and easy to use. You don’t need to connect to any account to use this app so even if you uninstall Sync.ME, you’re contact pictures will stay forever. If your contacts are saved as Google contacts and are synced to your Google ID, you’ll have contacts picture even if you switch devices. Moreover, you can sync with Facebook to sync birthdate and other items too. Like HaxSync, Sync.ME also set sync frequency along with the feature of receiving birthday alerts.


  • Developer: Danut Chereches
  • Price: Free
  • Download

UberSync may not have all the bling that other apps has in this list, but it is simple and minimal and does what it is intended to do. Upon startup, you’ll be greeted with a prompt that’ll ask you to choose when to sync High-Res photos and whether of you want to sync all your Facebook contacts or just the existing ones. The contact picture may not sync as you’ve intended as UberSync doesn’t have the matching feature like HaxSync or the manual syncing feature. So what you can do is input the user’s Facebook ID into the notes section of their contact. Although this app supports ads, they can be disabled without purchasing anything. UberSync also has some useful feature like choosing the frequency of sync, syncing using mobile data or Wi-Fi, choosing the size of synced pictures, etc. Unlike other app on this list, this app lacks birthday reminders.


  • Developer: Mathias Roth
  • Price: $1.35
  • Download

HaxSync creates a HaxSync account for each of your contacts in your phonebook and connects it to the phone contact. The photos from HaxSync account replaces the default avatar. The downside to this app is that it overrides existing contact picture if you have one and all your contact picture will disappear if you uninstall HaxSync. You can sync Facebook photos and other details like birthdays, events using this app. You can also set the frequency of how often it syncs along with when it is allowed to sync (i.e. while charging, while using Wi-Fi, etc.). one thing that makes this app better that Facebook’s own in-built syncing feature is that you can set the degree to which it matches the names, so it the name doesn’t have to be exact or you can also manually sync the contacts whose name are different on Facebook and your phone. However if you are running Android version 4.1 and higher, you need this to make HaxSync work.

You can also replace your default contact app (dialer app) and download one of the many Dialer app available on the PlayStore which has in-built sync feature which help to assign pictures to contacts on android smartphone and ignore the apps mentioned above completely. Some popular choices are Contact+, ExDialer, Dialer+, DialerOne. Contact+ is one of my best dialer app.
Hopefully one of these three app will suit your need. If you feel like anything’s missing or you want to tell us your way of assigning a contact picture, drop us a comment.


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