error 489 androidIn the pile of the list of errors which occur in Google Play Store app, error 489 is the one. It is not a new error, but it does not seem to have solved by Google till date. As it is one of the bugs similar to other errors, it arrives while installing the downloaded apps or updates from the Google Play Store. While it is not a much fatal error in Android, it may still be quite annoying, when it occurs frequently when you are trying to install the apps or updates from your Play Store app. And similar to other errors too, its solution is so much simple, i.e. it can be solved in an easy way.

The error 489 mostly occurs in the Android devices due to the problem of network connection or your google account, which means it is not affected by the internal storage or anything. If you are also searching for the solution of error 489 which occurs in your Android smartphone or tablet while trying to install the downloaded apps or app updates, you can try the following methods for the solution:

Method 1

Remove your Google account once from your device and add it back again. If you do not know how to do this, just follow the following steps:

  • Go to your phone’s Menu > Settings > Accounts
  • Tap in the Google you’ll see there.
  • Tap in the options icon, and click on Remove account.
  • Confirm that you want it.
  • After you’re done, reboot your device, and add your google account again.
  • Go to Settings > Applications manager > Google Play Store and clear the data.

If your phone asks that you should do a factory reset to remove your google account and you don’t want this to happen, you can see how to remove google account from android without having a factory reset.

Method 2

Switch your network. This means, if you are using your mobile data, you may try using the Wifi network, or vice-versa. This is because the connection is mostly the problem due to which you’re getting the error 489, and you will most probably get a faster network,  if you switch over. You can also try changing the APN, if you are currently using mobile data and persist on using it.

Try either (both if one doesn’t help) of these methods, and your problem is solved. Good luck with your app installation!


  1. I did it multiple times. And it isn’t working. I accidentally removed my Facebook app and Facebook Messenger app. And I can’t reinstall it. But I can download other applications with no problems. H E L P

    • Ace Cato eu fiz a mesma coisa q vc e nao consegui …. Então a partir disso eu exclui um outro aplicativo e baixei ele dnv e dps baixei o APP q tava dando erra 489 (language: portuguese)

      Translated: English
      Ace Cato I did the same thing q vc and could not …. So from that I rule out another application and downloaded it dnv and dps downloaded the APP q tava giving misses 489

  2. I am using samsung S3 phone, While download app from from play store, At that time said application did not downloaded Inspite of same, it’s should be shown error 489, Please help to solve in easy manner.
    Khaliq shaikh

  3. I have got the solution :). Please follow below steps:

    1. logging in Google App store using your gmail id in your pc.
    2. Select the App that you want to install.
    3. Click on install .
    4. Make sure at the same time you mobile is connected to wifi. Then App will automatically get downloaded and installed in you mobile.

    ENJOY 🙂

    • Thanks for the response.

      But the Issue did not solved.
      Still got the same Error.
      Error : Update for “Chrome Browser – Google” could not be downloaded due to an error. (489)

      Please help.

  4. TRICK
    I not only tried all the above steps I also got my mobile formatted but it didn’t work. More so, I got it replaced. Still not sure what’s the problem – maybe it’s the mobile maybe it’s the google app store. whatever it is, I found a way to use wifi to download from play store.
    It’s quite simple actually, start downloading using your normal data connection and quickly switch wifi. It will automatically start using wifi to download stuff.
    Use Go widget for switching if you want to.

    and hopefully, this problem will be solved in Android L. till then, be happy to get such a great mobile at such low price… one flaw is understandable.

  5. Hi Guys,

    It seems like it didn’t work for you.
    Please try one more thing which i tested and worked for me.

    When you click on install then you get error 489. Keep repeating this process by clicking on install button then after 4-5 times it will start downloading.

    Hope this will work for you.
    For any clarification feel free to call on my number 9038217007

  6. One more thing :
    Number of tries depend on size of Application. Just now i tried downloading Cricket game. I had to click on install button 13 times and then it started downloading.

    Remember Every problem has a solution 🙂

  7. I tried the first method, but not including the final step which is “Go to Settings > Applications manager > Google Play Store and clear the data.” and it WORKED! Thanks a lot! 😀

  8. I tried method 1 and it worked. I was not able to remove Google app, so I only did Force Stop – apparently it worked (LG G3)

  9. I suggest the problem lies w/ Google playstore . I have tried ALL these methods and more. some work for one or two downloads but always back to same error code 489.
    GOOGLE, Please Fix The Problem.
    I have been an android user for years but I am think
    ing maybe it’s time for a change???

  10. I have a problem of this error code 489 and i tried the methods they worked but now it keeps on showing download pending plzzz i need help

  11. Hi all

    This was fix for me:

    Go to Settings – Apps – ALL – Reset App preferences and All Background restrictions. Change your APN to internet (if that’s one for your country).

    Once done, reboot device and VOILA!


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