Samsung includes loads of features on your smartphones. Although you can still find a way to use them on any other Android device, they are still useful. Below are some of the most notable features. Note that some of these will only work on Samsung phone running on Android Nougat. Not all Samsung device has the same UI, so the paths to enable some features may differ. Here are some features to try on a Samsung Android phone.

Features to try on a Samsung Android phone

One Handed ModeFeatures to try on a Samsung Android phone

With the screens getting larger (5.5 inch being the normal size today), one-handed operation feature can help you a lot. The newest Samsung phone (Galaxy S8) has a tall screen and a strange aspect ratio of 18:5:9. Galaxy S8 has a 6.2 inch screen! Considering this, Samsung has included a one-handed mode on their devices. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Advance Features > One-handed mode. No, chick on the home button 3 time and the screen will shrink to 70% of its original size. This will make the status bar and notification panel easier to access when you’re using the phone with just one hand.

Smart Capture

Sometimes the page or screen we want to capture is too big to fit on one single screenshot. Smart Capture eliminates this problem. You can just take one long screenshot to fit all the elements. To enable Smart Capture, head over to Settings > Advance Features > Smart Capture. Now, hold down the power and home buttons or power and volume down button if you’re using Galaxy S8 for some seconds to see a button called Scroll Capture. This will make the screen roll downwards and take a long screenshot.

Blue Light Filter

This feature is supposed to help you sleep by reducing the blue light emitting from your screen. To enable this, go to Settings > Display > Blue Light Filter. There, you can schedule it to turn it on and off from sunset to sunrise or enter your own timings. You can also change the opacity and choose how yellow you want the screen to be.

These are some of the cool features that Samsung has included on their devices. There are some more, but these are some notable ones. Mention the feature you like or use on the comments section.

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