You can play YouTube videos in the background, but you need to have YouTube Red subscription. Who wants to pay just so you can play videos in the background? There’s an Xposed module that lets you enable background playback in YouTube app but this may not be the option as Xposed is not available on many devices – especially those running Android Nougat. But fear not; there’s a modded version of YouTube app for Android that lets you play in the background even if your screen is turned off. So if you want to listen to YouTube while using other app, follow this tutorial. Here’s how to play YouTube videos in the YouTube videos in the background

How to play YouTube videos in the background


Before you start, you need to make sure your device has root access. If not, search the internet on how to root your particular device. Another thing you need is a good root file manager. I recommend Solid Explorer but any other root browser of your choice would do. Make sure you have backed up the original YouTube app with Titanium Backup as we need to uninstall it. To do so, open Titanium Backup > go to Backup/Restore tab > scroll till you find YouTube > Select it > tap on Uninstall > tap on Yes.


Now it time to install the modded YouTube app. There are different version of the app optimized for different processor types. If you do not know which three processor type is your device using, Google it. Once you find out what type of processor your device uses, you can simply download the modded YouTube app for that particular type – ARM devices, ARM64 devices and x86 devices.

Set Permissions

Now, open your file explorer and head over to the folder that has the modded app you’ve just downloaded. From there, copy the app and go to /system/app folder in your root partition. Paste the file there. Now, long press the file to select > tap on menu > select Permissions. There, make sure Owner category has Read and Write checked and other two categories has on Read checked.

Reboot your device and you will find YouTube app on your app drawer. This will be the modded version of the app, of course. Now, you will be able to minimize the app and the audio will keep on playing. You can lock your screen and the video will still play.

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