Playing games is so much fun for most of us, especially in our android smartphones. There are so many versions of android smartphones out there, which vary according to your pocket size, and posses specs accordingly. Every phone support some kinds of game though, since the games are also developed relating to the processors and GPU. In our android smartphones, while playing games, the notifications sounds may ring, and it might be very important to some of us, while it might be of no use and only be disturbing for many of us. Previously, we had shared about how to view notifications while playing fullscreen games on android, targeting those users for whom notifications are so important, and do not want to miss them. Now, here we are sharing the idea of how to disable notifications while playing games in Android smartphones, targeting those users for whom notifications are not that important, and are only disturbing while playing games.

Methods to disable notifications while playing games in your Android smartphone:

Method 1
If you have Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher, you can fortunately disable almost any app’s notifications straight from the device settings. Try these steps to get rid of the pesky alerts while playing games:
1.  Pull down the notification bar.
2.  Long press the notification until a box appears.
3.  Tap the box that says, “App Info.”
4.  Uncheck the box for “Show Notifications” by clicking in it.
You can re-enable notifications anytime by re-checking the box following the same methods.

disable notifications while playing games

Method 2
1.  Go to Menu > Settings in your android smartphone.
2.  Under “Device” head to “Manage Apps.”
3.  From here, you can manage any app’s notifications without the first set of instructions.

disable notifications while playing games

Method 3
If the network is not so important for you, just set your mobile into airplane mode. Along with the disablement of notifications of your smartphone, this will also be helpful for ads to not appear in your handset while playing games, and you’ll be able to play peacefully without being disturbed anytime.

disable notifications while playing games


  1. this is possibly the worst non-ironic advice i’ve read on a website to date. i want to hide notifications in-game, not flat out disable them and then make sure to turn all of them back on when i’m finished playing.


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