Remember Chromecast? It’s the small thumb drive like device that lets you cast music, video, browser contents from your android devices or computer to your TV. If you find the $35 price tag of Chromecast a little too “steep” then there is good news for you. XDA forum member Maui has just released an app that basically does what Chromecast does except you will be using your own android device for the purpose. This app is called “Cheapcast” and it will cast videos and music to your TV from supported applications on your android such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Movies & Music. Your TV should be either connected to the same Wi-Fi network or you will need to connect your Android to your TV via HDMI. Then simply run Cheapcast to begin the streaming.

Chromecast has a useful feature that allows you to open the Chrome browser and click on the “cast” tab on the upper right corner to cast your browser contents to the TV. Currently, this feature is not supported by Cheapcast beta. However, the developer has promised to add this feature in the next update.

Download on Google Play Store

Also, checkout this video demonstration  where the user streams Google Play Music to a Nexus 7:


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