If you are fan of Zombie horror movies, then you will love these scary games where you will hack, slash, shoot, bomb and also run over Zombies with your vehicle. Here is the list of best zombie games on Android and iOS:

Aftermath XHD

best zombie games android Aftermath-xhdAftermath is a really challenging survival horror game. The whole game takes place at night. As you advance through the levels you be attacked by hordes Zombies that get harder and harder to kill. You will start with a small pistol, then to a shotgun and then to more advanced and high damage weapons. This game is currently (July 5th)on sale at 50% off.

Dead Trigger

best zombie game on androidThis is the best looking free to play (freemium) first person Zombie shooter on Android. There are many challenging missions where you will kill thousands of Zombies. You will start off with a normal gun and then as you earn more points and cash, you can but more awesome weapons. However, buying advanced guns will take awfully long if you don’t want to pay actual cash. With the in app purchase you can buy as many guns as you want and in more difficult levels it becomes almost impossible to advance without the most expensive guns.

Earn to Die

best android zombie games earn to die
In this game you will drive your car across different terrains and levels, running over and shooting Zombies on the way. As you advance through the levels you will earn more cash to buy better vehicles and fit the vehicle with better equipments such as engines, transmission and guns- loads of guns. Again this is a freemium game where you will have to spend actual cash to buy vehicles and weapons so that you can advance through the levels fast. This game is also available in free lite version where you can play one mission for the rest you will have to buy the game from the Google store.Click the title of the game to install from Google store.

Zombie Road Trip

Best Zombie Games on Android and iOS Zombie Road TripThe gameplay is similar to earn to die except the latter has better graphics. The best thing about Zombie Road Trip is that buying new weapons or vehicle upgrades is not as tedious as in “Earn to Die” where you have to play for hours to earn enough points to purchase stuffs.

Into the dead

best android zombie games into the deadInto the dead arrived only a few months ago in Google Play Store and has already been downloaded thousands of times. You can call this game “a scary first person version of temple run” where you can fight back with weapons. While in Temple Run you have obstacles like fire or trees, in “Into the dead” you will be dodging Zombies in front of you and picking up weapons and ammo to shoot them down. In the latest version, you can even hire a dog as your companion to hunt down the Zombies. This is also a freemium game where you can purchase weapons and upgrades with actual money. Not spending your $$ would mean hours of gameplay to buy new weapons.

Plant VS Zombie

best zombie games for android 2013 plant vs zombiesThis is one of the most famous Zombie defense games where you will choose from 49 variety of mutated plants to defend your base against hordes of different breeds Zombies. The graphics are good and the gameplay is addicting. Also, look out for Plants Vs Zombies 2 which is set to release soon.

Zombie Run

best android zombie games Zombie run best android zombie games zombie run 3Zombie Run brings fitness apps to a whole new level. In Zombie Run, you will follow an intriguing narrative storyline and do the actual work of running away from Zombie. The voice instructions will guide you through different stages and you will also pickup special items on your path,The GPS will calculate your speed and if you are too slow the zombies will catch up.



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