Smartphones can make work a lot smoother and organized. You just need to install the right apps. Besides, what’s the point of having a smartphone when you don’t use it smartly? Today we are listing some of the must-have best office apps for your smartphone. Check them out here:


best office apps androidbest-business-apps-android
This is a best processor app for android that allows you to read, create, edit and save Microsoft PowerPoint and document files. You can also view pdf files with this app. Officesuite can also sync with Dropbox and other similar cloud based app.



It is the most free famous organizer/note keeping app for smartphones.  Take notes, photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders and then sync your work across devices. During workshops or seminars you can snap the whiteboard and save it in Evernote. Save your receipt, bills and contracts. Then use it on your computer or on any android smartphone or tablet.  You can also share your work to your colleagues via social networking or email.



This app lets you print word, excel, powerpoint, pdf and txt files, directly from your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB.  You can also print JPG, PNG, GIF images, Gmails, HTML web pages, contacts, call log, sms and more. Printer configuration can be changed right from the app by changing settings such as page orientation, size, number of copies, one or two sided printing and color more. The great thing is you can add any printers from anywhere for remote printing.



bibabest office app android

This is a free conference call app for business users.  Biba will allow you to set up conference calls and see the availability of contacts and also when they will be available if they are not.  You can schedule conference calls from Google, outlooks or other calendar.  You can even mute participants in case they are in noisy location and even users who don’t have app Biba apps can join using a dial and passcode from Biba prior to the scheduled conference.


best business app expensifybest business app android iphoneThis is an excellent free expense logging app which lets you manage expense report. Especially useful if you are a frequent business traveler. With this app you can scan receipts, organize expenses in categories, tags, add comments and prepare a comprehensive report. The app uses GPS or odometer to track mileage expenses, for real time tracking of expenses you can even sync your credit cards/bank accounts with Expensify and Expensify will prepare IRS guaranteed receipts for your bank or card purchases under $75.   For companies or work team, you can even setup expense reporting rules, manage employee expenses, analyze company expenses with multiple criteria and integrate with payroll/accounting packages like NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks, Sage and more.


cwmoney-2best office app android iphone ipad

This is a free finance management software for android which will let you record and monitor your accounts and all your expenses and incomes. You can view your accounts report in charts. This app has a very simple and easy interface and getting a hang of it wont take much time.

Camcard Business card reader


Camcard will come really handy, if you are into networking and meet a lot of people on a daily basis. For example, for a salesman it could get really difficult to manage those thousands of paper business cards from clients.  Business cards create a lot of headache when you lose your important contacts in its clutter. CamCard reads and saves your business cards to your phone contacts. So that you can organize and save your thick bundle of paper cards into properly organized categories in your phone. Furthermore, You can sync your cards across different computers, smartphones and tablets.


best business app ios androidFrom the developers of Camcard is another great office app, Camsccanner. Camscaneer lets you scan images of all kind and organize then into categories or tags. You can then share it via email, social media, store it in cloud such as dropbox and also sync it across smarphones, computers and tablets. The in-app image optimizer will help you get the best quality scans. This app is also available for free at Google Play.


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