android-fixSometimes when you try to update or install apps from the Google Play Store you will encounter the “Package file is invalid” error. This problem is generally associated with cache files. Mostly, clearing cache or uninstalling and reinstalling app will solve the issue. Other times, users have found that the problem disappeared when they installed or updated the app on a different wi-fi network. Here are some methods you can try to solve this error::

Method 1 for update error:

  • Go to apps >> All >> Select your app >> Clear cache and data
  • Run update again in Google Play

Method 2:

  • Install app through Google Play Store website

Method 3:

  • Turn off wi-fi and install or update app in Google Play Store via 3G or 4G data connection of your Mobile.

Method 4:

    • Go to apps >> All >> Google Play Store >> Clear cache and data
    • Go to apps >> All >> Google Service Framework >> Clear cache and data
    • Now try installing or updating the app. IF this doesn’t work follow the step below
    • Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Google >> Click on your gmail account >> Menu and Remove account.
    • Restart device and add your Google account back.

 Fix Package file is invalid error in Google PlayMethod 5: (for rooted devices with Clockworkmod Orange)

  • First clear data and cache for Google Play Store like in method 2
  • Now reboot into recovery and go to Advanced >>Clear dalvik cache
  • Reboot and try to install/update the app

(UPDATED )Method 7: Installing a VPN app

Many users have successfully solved the package file is invalid issue after installing VPN apps.

  • Install Hideman VPN app from Google Play Store
  • Now open the app and select US as the country of connection and press connect
  • Open Google Play Store and Download app

I haven’t found any “one sure shot solution” for all android devices. However, one of the above methods should work for you.  All the best.

Note:I advise you to install Clean Master to clear app caches and other unwanted files. Also, this app will notify you when your cache is eating up a lot of space.

Updated August 14, 2013:  The Google market error is bothering most android users nowadays. Recently, Google support announced that  they are “working on a permanent solution” for the package file is invalid error and that “there are no workarounds at this time”. Meanwhile, the fixes in this post have worked for some, you can give it a try

UPDATE AUGUST 15, 2013: Google has put the “Package file is invalid” under Fixed/Resolved. It seems Google has really fixed this issue since Appslova is getting very few inquiries related to this error. Another common error marked as “Fixed” is the RPC:S-5:AEC-0 error. Still users are querying about this issue but its nothing major and most android users can easily solve it.


  1. I found out that you simply need to unplug your router for few minutes and plug it back. Restart your phone too to be sure coz I restarted mine. Then I downloaded the app again and it worked.

  2. Hi! I know this is old, but I’m getting the error for every single one of my apps. I can’t do anything. I hard reset my mobile and nothing, the error persists. I can’t install anything from t GPlay, therefore I don’t know how can I install a VPN add. Can I do that in some other manner? Please, some one, help!

  3. Nothing do anything but just go to setting->accounts->your play store account->and synchronise the that play store account:)


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