IDC reports According to the latest IDC reports, the Western European mobile phone market experienced a slowdown due to decline in smartphone shipments in the first quarter of 2013.  The shipments dropped by 4.2% year on year to 43.6 million units.  The normal or feature phone segment experienced a 31% decline as more and more people adopt smartphones.  Meanwhile, the smartphone segment, with a growth of 12% year on year to 31.6 million units, experienced the slowest growth since IDC began tracking mobile phone shipments in 2004.

In terms of operating system, Android is still on top with 69% share and 21.9 million units shipped in Q1 2013.  Android occupied only 55% share in the Q1 of 2012. Positive news of Windows mobile as its market share rose from 4% in Q1 of 2012 to 6% in Q1 of 2013.

In the Apple VS Samsung share battle, looks like Apple is still losing its share from 25% in first quarter of 2012 to 20% in 1Q2013. Samsung’s share rose from 39% in 1Q2012 to 45% in 1Q2013.

Android is also gaining more shares on the Indian market with the recent report showing over 90% share in India.


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