Android Market Share 2013

According to Canalys, 59% of notebook, tablet and smart phone shipped in Q1 this year were powered by Android. Thus Android OS holds the highest share of smart mobile device shipment followed by Apple with 19.3% and Microsoft with 18.1% share.

Similarly, Android occupied 75% of the 216.3 million smartphones shipped in Q1 this year.   This is slight improvement from last quarter’s 69.2% Android smartphone shipments.  The report showed that Samsung with a year on year growth of 64.3% is the dominant manufacturer occupying 32% of total smartphone shipped in Q1.  Chinese manufacturers Huawei , LG and ZTE are in the top five list of smart phone vendors each with market share less than 5%. It is also reported that Huawei and ZTE shipped 84% and 71% of their smartphones respectively  to mainland China.  

Canalys q1 2013

Samsung also topped worldwide smart mobile device (smartphone, tablet and notebook) market, shipping 82.2 million units occupying a share of 26.6%.  Apple came second with 59.6 million shipments occupying 19.3% share of the market. Third is the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo with 15.3 million smart mobile devices shipped occupying 5%. The “others” category of manufacturers also holds 42.8% of share with 132 million smart device shipment. The “others” mainly consists of vendors who produce cheap mid to low range android devices for the Asian market.

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